About Club Unity

Below is the tracklist for the album with lo-fi MP3 preview clips available for all tracks. DJ Orkidea has written short background information for each track.

  1. 01
    Have a Nice This Moment
    Ambient track based around a sample of Finnish hypnosis record from the 60's: "Rentoutuminen hypnoosin avulla". Setting the mood for the record and giving some instructions for the future use of this record.
  2. 02
    Ambient Mix 2004
    Beautiful started originally as an ambient track made for Finnish short film Telakka and was also featured in the Hymypoika feature film and various compilations.
  3. 03
    Sparkles was originally made for an audio-visual performance shown at the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. The performance was about Finnish winter and Sparkles tries to capture those sunny moments of spring when the snow is melting and there are shiny reflections everywhere..
  4. 04
    Power of Chi
    Influenced by the electronic "ambient house" sound of early 90s Power of Chi is more clubby sound, but with a slower tempo and some weird rhythmic variations. Just listen to those skippy beats and trancey riffs!
  5. 05
    Theme Isla Blanca
    This was originally produced for a Finnish documentary Legendary Ibiza made in the summer of 2004. I spent a month of that summer there and this track summarizes those times pretty well. Check out the documentary too if you can. It features everybody from Pete Tong & Jose Padilla to Eric Morillo and Sven Všth telling their vision of The White Island.
  6. 06
    Softys Mix
    Melancholy is a proggy vocal trance track released originally on DJ Tiesto's Black Hole Recordings in 2004. Here Slusnik Luna's Niko Nyman makes a nice chill-out rework under his Softys alter ego.
  7. 07
    Manchester 1992
    I've always been a huge fan of the early 90s UK blend of dance and indie ala Primal Scream, early works Underworld etc. Here we have house pianos, rock basses, big downtempo breakbeat drums and some dubby vocal samples.
  8. 08
    Dreams Are Free
    Dreams Are Free was made for a rare ambient live PA performed in Tampere some time in 2005. There's been some talks with Andy Moor of doing a prog trance version of this but let's see what happens. 80s movie chords with JFK samples.
  9. 09
    This is one of those tracks that just happened without any reason. Sat down on the studio computer at 21:00 and by 07:00 had this finished. Spacedubbedout pays respect for Aphex Twin & early 90s german ambient house sound. Hypnotic, groovy, floaty & dreamy.
  10. 10
    Raising the tempo to 160 and getting into some LTJ Bukem style d'n'b action here. Named after a semi-legendary finnish club cruise in 2004.
  11. 11
    Take Me Baby
    I was asked to remix some work of Jimi Tenor for Finnish Helsingin
    festival's Huvila Tent's 10th anniversary concert. I've
    been a big fan of the original rough version from 1995 and have
    always wanted to make a housey remix of it.
  12. 12
    Universal Music
    This track was made and named long before I got signed to Universal
    Music, but didn't want to change the name anymore even though it's a
    bit weird to have a name of the label as a track name! Old school
    balearic vibes here.
  13. 13
    An alltime Finnish classic, sang by Finnish star singer Olavi
    Uusivirta and produced for the Levottomat 3 movie. It din't end up to
    the film but found its way on this CD. There's been some really
    great feedback on this and I think there could be so much more
    electronic remixes made in Finland!