Club Unity

Club Unity presents Pete Tong at The Circus, Helsinki, Finland. Sunday the 5th of July. Tickets starting at 15 eur from Helsinki 10.

19 May

Good news ya'll: After a year of silence Unity will be back for some proper summer rave action! One of the reasons behind quitting the Unity The Island events last year was to free up our creative energies to create something new.

Unity, Misc Management and The Circus proudly present to you LOVE events. These nights will be more than just regular club nights: We'll have artists from different fields collaborating around the theme of LOVE. Finland's top illustrators creating unique designs, poets and writers coming up with prose, and performance artists, industrial designers and video artists providing their share of the magic. We believe it's going to be unique, sweaty, summery, memorable, lots of fun and filled with drink coupons! And it all sounds better with you.

Despite all this great artistry, the key in these events will of course be the music. Music will be provided by the world's leading electronic music artists, and the first night on Sunday July the 5th will be headlining The most powerful person in dance (Muzik Magazine), The undisputed king of Ibiza (DJ Mag), the one DJ whose name ended on a blockbuster movie title, BBC Radio 1's main DJ broadcasting live to 30 million people weekly and the ultimate trendsetter in the club world: PETE TONG, for the first time in Finland.

To continue our summer extravaganza tradition of hazy Sundays (and hangoverish Mondays) created by Sun 16h Mini Festival and Cafe del Mar/Jose Padilla events, you can stay in LOVE for full 16 hours, starting at 12:00 on the Mbar terrace and continuing at The Circus from 21:00 until 04:00. Pete Tong will be joined by the creme de la creme of Finnish DJs, like Orkidea, Mr.A, Lil' Tony, Pietari, Yuhis, Lauri Soini, N Geselle, Heikki L, Tony Profondo, JS16, Halo, Pablo Steffa, Roberto Rodrigues, Supersamuli and the Unity Collective. Visual candy will be provided by Unity's own Tea & Severi and VJ *jen while the night will be hosted by Oded Peled of Basso TV fame. Check out pictures of the venue to get in the mood.

Tickets sales start on Monday the 25th of May from the design shop Helsinki 10, with Tiketti joining a week later on the 1st of June. A change in traditions because the beloved mecca of Finnish dance music Street Beat has relocated to Herttoniemi from their age-old spot in WTC. Times they are a changing... There will be a limited amount of "early bird" tickets available for 15 euros either for the first week or until they run out. The regular price will be 25 euros and there are 800 tickets to be sold. SUN and Cafe del Mar events have pulled crowds of well over 1000 people, we recommend getting your ticket early to avoid disappointments.

We also have plans around smaller underground events and music related news from Orkidea and Slusnik Luna, but more on those later... Now let's focus in this moment, and always remember to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

LOVE. Brings us all together.

2 March

Thanks to everybody for the memorable day and night that was the last Unity The Island in Uunisaari. Someone else seemed to have enjoyed it too as Unity The Island is nominated as "Event of The Year" in the annual Bassoradio Music Awards.

What makes this even more special is that all the other nominees in this category are big festivals for thousands of people. Orkidea is also nominated as "Best Dancer 2009". Or "DJ of the Year", or something..? Anyways, feel free to show some love and vote.

If you can't remember anything about last summer, or just want a breeze of Finnish summer air, let this 100% Rave Spirit(tm) photo kickstart your week.

Although things might seem quiet for Unity on the events front, we can offer you some fresh kikkeli trance(tm) music in form of DJ Orkidea's Radio Unity show. After a one year break the show is back on the popular trance radio and as a monthly podcast. Here are links to the podcast feed, for subscribing to Radio Unity through iTunes and to the latest show's webpage with instant replay.

Happy voting and listening!